The creators of the stars in the universe

The creators of the stars in the universe

Who we are and why we're doing this

edeXa offers users innovative solutions for the optimization of processes and communication channels through the business blockchain. The performance of the blockchain is enormous, and we offer our customers the opportunity to fully exploit its potential.

Our Vision

We aspire to a digital future on a global scale, where businesses can find and discover anything they might want to join the new generation of web3.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a leading business blockchain for businesses, government agencies, and other professional agencies that is quick and easy to use. We believe that blockchain technology generates tremendous value in the digital world.

Our Values

1.  Simple useability drives our thinking
2.  We love challenges which drives our innovation.
3.  Focus on the clients and all else will follow

Become part of edeXa!

edeXa offers a unique network that is further strengthened by each additional business partner, continuously improved and more secure than anything you have ever known.

edeXa offers users innovative solutions for the optimization of processes and communication channels through the business blockchain. The performance of the blockchain is enormous, and we offer our customers the opportunity to fully exploit its potential.

We take your performance to the next level. To achieve this, we cooperate with first-class universities and research institutions in Liechtenstein, Germany, Europe, and the world.

The Core Team of edeXa

Daniel Kohler
Daniel Kohler,
Is an innovation-driven entrepreneur and pursues the vision of a digitalbusiness world. With the edeXa Business Blockchain, a new technology erabegins, creating new innovative solutions in digitalization.
Daniel Kohler
Stefan Neyer,
Leads the technological development of supply chain applications andblockchain. He has been developing complex and innovative business softwaresolutions for over 20 years.
Daniel Kohler
Andres Polania,
Is responsible for analyzing technologies and developing strategies andmonitoring the company's IT processes. He studied Cisco technologies andhas over 10 years of experience as an IT & network specialist. He speaks fivelanguages and has excellent communication skills with our customers indifferent countries around the world.
Daniel Kohler
Nibin Ninan,
Is the technical manager in our subsidiary in India. He has several years of experience in software development and technology. Nibin has incredible technical knowledge and leads a team of specialized software developers.
Daniel Kohler
Martina Cassani,
Investor Relations
Is the first contact person for our investors. She is available to answer anyquestions investors may have regarding their investment.
Daniel Kohler
Dinesh Rajpurohit,
Team Lead
Is a local team leader and has many years of IT experience. He studies complexbusiness requirements and develops effective solutions, starting from atheoretical model to debugging and deploying the software solution.
Daniel Kohler
Shubham Koli,
Shubham as leader in the field of blockchain technology, plays a key role in developing decentralized applications using Hyperledger and other blockchains and is responsible for the blockchain development team.
The edeXa business blockchain is a leading blockchain in the market with a large number of sustainable projects and business activities. Expansion into other countries is being implemented.
edeXa launches several web3 customer projects and launches new blockchain-based services. edeXa expands to Dubai and focuses on further growth worldwide.

The edeXa business blockchain is used by large companies and is used in the value chain (logistics, supply chain, etc.).

The constant improvement and further development of the edeXa blockchain is being promoted.
The focus is on the launch of the mainnet of the public blockchain edeXa. In addition, the implementation of further web3 applications will start together with our customers. Our main goal is the successful launch of the EDX Service Token on exchanges, which will massively expand marketing.

The growth of the company is strongly promoted and focused.
edeX started to partner with potential agencies to strongly promote the vision worldwide.
testnet network will be in operation to test speed and deployment of smart contacts in real time and bring Blockchain enthusiasts to build applications and increase Global demand for decentralization in digital areas.
The Portal edeXa Universe will be focused to continue to work closely with powerful enterprises and bring onboard new business.
edeXa brings the NFT for business to reality where users can create Unique identifiers or attributes for use cases, allowing to remove intermediaries and simplify transactions while EDX token will empower the edeXa Public Blockchain at core.
Q1 - Q2
The entire Vision grows and the strategy covers great huge steps for the 2022 Market.

The entry of the edeXa Universe with innovative business blockchain solutions will continue to improve and target marketing organizations that use our blockchain ecosystem for their own business model while the rewards system will take place for everyone.
Q3 - Q4
edeXa keeps on high speed the development of permissioned Blockchain, meaning only trusted and verified entities can participate in the ecosystem of infinite possibilities.

Further Development of EDX token and reward system.

Introducing bStamp part of DApps edeXa Universe blockchain. Only a few weeks after the release of Banji, the first major extension is already available. With bStamp, users can digitally sign or validate files on Universe projects.
Q1 - Q2
edeXa Universe development came a cross to all major milestones in the field of DevOps, Blockchain, and APIs to achieve the project.

Banji (part of DApps)  goes live as a beta version. It enables every object and every piece of information to be assigned a unique digital identity by the EDX-Digital Twin.

This allows proof of ownership and proof of origin to be presented quickly and easily for evidence purposes. This also applies to digital contracts using an e-signature.
Further development of the Universe project that offers companies and public authorities one ecosystem that can be used for trust-building with secure and traceable processes. DApps APIs first release beta.
The development of the edeXa Blockchain is running at full speed. The first blockchain services have been implemented in a pilot project for our customers.
io-market AG founded the new subsidiary edeXa AG. The first proofs-of-concept were successfully implemented, and the project was released for the implementation phase. The first security token sale has taken place.
Permissioned Public

The Hybrid Blockchain business network

Universe offers an innovative and professional business blockchain so that new business models can be developed quickly and easily.


Write smart contracts in a language you already love

Web3 is important to us. edeXa Universe is a decentralized scaling platform that allows developers to create scalable, user-friendly DApps with cheap transaction costs while never compromising security.

edexa universe

Built by developers,
for developers

edeXa Business Blockchain is here to assist you with DApp development by providing documentation on basic principles as well as the development stack. It is the quickest method to create and deploy DApps with the edeXa ecosystem.

Building on Universe guarantees that your DApp will be future-proof.

Whether you are developing your first blockchain project or an experienced developer, edeXa will make your projects easier to start, manage, and enhance with your audience.

Our use cases

Our use cases

The edeXa Universe blockchain can optimize processes in a wide variety of business sectors. Below you will find an overview.


The authenticity and integrity of an electronic invoice can be guaranteed by means of the EDX Business Blockchain.


Create trust and transparency in the logistics chain and automate the following processes via the blockchain.


Optimize your procurement processes with the Blockchain from edeXa.


Design efficient administrative processes and exploit the potential of Blockchain technology.


Blockchain offers new innovative healthcare options for a range of applications.


Process payment solutions via the blockchain and integrate them into existing systems.

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