The Business network Evolution

Accelerator Program

The new way of securing the network while receiving rewards in edeXa Business Blockchain 

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Global Validators


Total EDX Stake

edeXa Advantages as MasterNode

Get paid for validating Transactions
use EDX to pay edeXa services Blockchain
Be the first one to join the Business Network

Staking on edeXa

Join the edeXa Blockchain mainnet and get a piece of the network's benefits. You may either lease a node from a community or build up your own. You'll be rewarded according on how much EDX you stake and the network's transaction volume.

Criteria for MasterNodes owners

Step 0

KYC Verification

Before applying for the Masternode, the individual or institution applicant needs to complete the KYC verification in the accelerator program portal to obtain an Node-ID which represents the status of a verified user of edeXa Business Network

Validator Rewards

Earn rewards

Rewards are granted for acts that contribute to the network's ability to come to a consensus. In order to maintain the chain's security, you'll be rewarded for running Node that properly batches transactions and validates the work of other validators.

Better security

As more EDX is staked, the network becomes more resistant to assaults since a majority control of the network necessitates more EDX. Also There is no need for expensive computer equipment. Linux servers (like CentOS, Ubuntu). Currently supported OS are Linux and Mac.

More sustainable

A proof-of-stake system does not need the use of energy-intensive machines, but rather a home computer or smartphone. This will improve the environmental impact of edeXa Ecosystem.

Why edeXa?

The leading POS enabled and scalable blockchain network built for businesses with instant finality, low gas fees and high throughput

Build on edeXa

Connect to edeXa Testnet or edeXa Mainnet to get started.If you are a developer and want to test your project implementation on edeXa Network,you can now get testnet EDX ($EDX) coins with our faucet!

Become Validator

become a validaor by staking EDX tokens on network and running node!

Infrastructure Guide

Step-by-step guides on how to deploy the different components that make up the edeXa ecosystem, and be rewarded for it..