Step into the world of effortless security with edeXa! Our hybrid ecosystem is designed to simplify the process of ensuring that your transactions are safe and secure. But what exactly does this mean?
Think of edeXa as a two-step security system. Firstly, we have the permissioned chain, which is a private network for your transactions. This is where your sensitive information is kept secure. But wait, there's more! We then take the last Hash of Block per ORG from this permissioned chain and save it on the public Blockchain. This public record acts as a seal of transparency, proving that your transactions are legitimate and adding an extra layer of trust.
So, what makes edeXa different from other solutions on the market? By saving the last Hash of Block per ORG on the public Blockchain, we ensure that the connection between the permissioned and consortium chains is both secure and transparent. This level of trust between the two chains makes edeXa the perfect choice for businesses looking for a secure and reliable solution.
Ready to experience the simplicity of secure transactions? With edeXa's hybrid ecosystem, you can rest easy knowing that your information is in safe hands. Join the revolution and discover why edeXa is the future of secure and trusted transactions.

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