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The Hybrid Blockchain business network

Universe offers an innovative and professional business blockchain so that new business models can be developed easily and quickly.


Our Projects

With our edeXa blockchain, we are constantly building new exciting DApps that enable you to enjoy many benefits.


Write smart contracts in a language you already love

Web3 is important to us. edeXa Universe is a decentralized scaling platform that allows developers to create scalable, user-friendly DApps with cheap transaction costs while never compromising security.

edexa universe

Built by developers,
for developers

edeXa Business Blockchain is here to assist you with DApp development by providing documentation on basic principles as well as the development stack. It is the quickest method to create and deploy DApps with the edeXa ecosystem.

Building on Universe guarantees that your DApp will be future-proof.‍

Whether you are developing your first blockchain project or an experienced developer, edeXa will make your projects easier to start, manage, and enhance with your audience.

Our use cases

Our use cases

The edeXa Universe blockchain can optimize processes in a wide variety of business sectors. Below you will find an overview.


The authenticity and integrity of an electronic invoice can be guaranteed by means of the EDX Business Blockchain.


Create trust and transparency in the logistics chain and automate the following processes via the blockchain.


Optimize your procurement processes with the Blockchain from edeXa.


Design efficient administrative processes and exploit the potential of Blockchain technology.


Blockchain offers new innovative healthcare options for a range of applications.


Blockchain offers new innovative healthcare options for a range of applications.

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